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The Baby Gulag: Six Ways Daycare Embodies the Principles of Communism

All the furniture is miniature, tiny chairs and fun size kitchens. The walls are plastered over in bright children’s art, and big print alphabets. Small backpacks are hung on mini hooks and toys are neatly labeled in assorted shelves. A comfy woman greats your child with an effervescent smile. What’s not to love? Daycare is a boogeyman amongst social conservatives. We here at Helicopter … Read More The Baby Gulag: Six Ways Daycare Embodies the Principles of Communism


Dating For Traditionalists

Dating for a traditionalist is akin to looking for a needle in a very dirty haystack. We are all surrounded with the repugnant messages and images of modernity, encouraging our young women to forgo marriage in favor of careers and fleeting experiences whilst teaching our young men to fear and abhor long-term commitments as if they were a plague. The results of this disastrous, … Read More Dating For Traditionalists

Imagine a World…

Imagine a world where you rarely hear your parents fight. Where your parents are married- to each other. Where you never worry about your parents divorcing, where most your friends’ parents are married. Imagine a world where you spend half your days outdoors. Where you wake up to a slow, lazy breakfast. Where you stay at home, mostly, doing your school work at leisure. … Read More Imagine a World…


I found an old poem I wrote as a teenager. It’s about the seasons of womanhood. : ) _ Dawn Rays smile, beams dance down, Morning, noon, then night pass away, Images flicker, this circle shines now A more yellow sky opens today– Life rises, falls, in a rhythmical whirl A pattern of arc, a spiral of light Among the gold streaks a lone … Read More Dawn