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Keeping the Hearth, Keeping the Faith

“Christmas-time” is widely complained about as the most stressful time of year by the average citizen of the Empire. Feminine women fret about “creating memories,” and hosting the “perfect holiday party.” We seek to make our homes welcoming to visitors, and to create scenes of beauty within that serve as a palliative and a rebuke to the brutality outside. Hostessing anxiety, if borne out … Read More Keeping the Hearth, Keeping the Faith


My Sin is Vanity

A long time ago, it was tradition for confessions to be made to your entire church congregation. This was back when your church was filled pretty much solely with your family and neighbors, and was within easy walking distance of your home. From what I understand, this changed as more and more people from outside of these close knit and familiar communities came into … Read More My Sin is Vanity

Six Tips for Avoiding Holiday Overwhelm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I do. My cycle goes something like this: 1. Feel anxiety about an event or circumstance. 2. Distract myself while the situation worsens with doomsday podcasts. 3. Allow situations to spiral towards collapse, a self-fulfilling prophesy. Now maybe you’re not crazy enough to run yourself out of gas on the side of the highway or stay up til three … Read More Six Tips for Avoiding Holiday Overwhelm

For The Smart Girls

This one’s for the little girls who use big fancy words and strain their eye sight reading late at night under the covers with a flashlight. Your grandmother says you’ll be the first girl in the family to go to college. And family friends think you’ll grow up to be a lawyer- or a scientist- something smart. They tell you you’re not like other … Read More For The Smart Girls

Keepin’ It Real

This week, Jessa Seewald (formerly Duggar) posted photos of her house on Instagram—complete with a mountain of laundry, pile of dirty diapers, sink full of dishes, and spit up on the bed sheets. Her caption ended with: “Not trying to pit a clean house against interaction with kids– sometimes both are possible, tho often they do seem in opposition to one another 😂. Just … Read More Keepin’ It Real

The Self Care Deception

Stay at home mothers are increasingly advised to develop habits of self care. In the most basic sense, self care includes things like taking a shower and remembering to eat. Of course, we moms—as well as all people—have to take care of ourselves. It would be ridiculous to claim that it’s all well and good for other women to take time to care for … Read More The Self Care Deception

The Future

There are other things I would rather do than write this. I would rather be sitting on my front porch in a creaky rocking chair drinking a cup of hot chocolate and watching my kids play in the street.  I dream of a simple life.  I’m sure that you do too, but unfortunately that life is outside our reach.  There’s an ideal world that … Read More The Future

Strengthening the Family

As families go, so does society.  The traditional family has, and always will be, the backbone of any functional society.  A father and mother working together in harmony will produce functional, well-adapted children who can go on to help others around them.  Parents instill a sense of purpose and morality into their children.  They teach them hierarchy, work, and discipline.  This is why our … Read More Strengthening the Family

Make Stay At Home Moms Great Again

I’ve known wives and mothers whose ages span from the Silent Generation to the younger Millennials. Having thought about the ways in which they handled the “stay at home mom question”, I’ve realized a few things. Bear with me.   The ladies I’ve met from the Silent Generation, the generation between the Greatest and the Boomers, were all stay at home moms. They worked … Read More Make Stay At Home Moms Great Again

Why I Left the Conservative Movement

I grew up with standard Republican parents. They voted for every Republican presidential candidate, senator, and congressman in every election. Why? “Because the Republicans are the moral party.” And for most of my life I accepted that.   And then, as I grew older, I realized that almost every faction of the “Conservative Movement” stood for nothing. I watched as the argument for abortion … Read More Why I Left the Conservative Movement

Learning to Knit

Knitting is an excellent skill to learn and one which allows you to be that much more self-sufficient, so you can avoid spending money on low quality mass-produced clothing made in sad factories 7000 miles away. Proven to reduce stress levels, it is very relaxing after a long day of running around after your children. It is also very transportable; you can knit on … Read More Learning to Knit


Loose Leaf Tea: Why You Should Try It

I love tea. Like, I really love it. I have a cabinet full of various blends and brands. I own five teapots of varied sizes, material and quality, not to mention the one-cup steepers of different designs. I love herbal teas, fruity teas, classic green, black, oolong and white teas. I drink some hot, some cold, and some teas aren’t too bad at room … Read More Loose Leaf Tea: Why You Should Try It