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Don’t Compliment Your Husband’s Intuition

“You’re so beautiful.” “Such pretty hair.” “You are sweet with our children.” Obviously, these words are directed toward a woman, not a man. Men don’t want to be called slender-waisted, and women don’t want to hear they have a muscular chest. In a traditional marriage, men and women are praised for fulfilling their respective roles. In a feminist world, however, men are supposed to … Read More Don’t Compliment Your Husband’s Intuition

Keepin’ It Real

This week, Jessa Seewald (formerly Duggar) posted photos of her house on Instagram—complete with a mountain of laundry, pile of dirty diapers, sink full of dishes, and spit up on the bed sheets. Her caption ended with: “Not trying to pit a clean house against interaction with kids– sometimes both are possible, tho often they do seem in opposition to one another 😂. Just … Read More Keepin’ It Real

Why I Left the Conservative Movement

I grew up with standard Republican parents. They voted for every Republican presidential candidate, senator, and congressman in every election. Why? “Because the Republicans are the moral party.” And for most of my life I accepted that.   And then, as I grew older, I realized that almost every faction of the “Conservative Movement” stood for nothing. I watched as the argument for abortion … Read More Why I Left the Conservative Movement


Loose Leaf Tea: Why You Should Try It

I love tea. Like, I really love it. I have a cabinet full of various blends and brands. I own five teapots of varied sizes, material and quality, not to mention the one-cup steepers of different designs. I love herbal teas, fruity teas, classic green, black, oolong and white teas. I drink some hot, some cold, and some teas aren’t too bad at room … Read More Loose Leaf Tea: Why You Should Try It


Dating For Traditionalists

Dating for a traditionalist is akin to looking for a needle in a very dirty haystack. We are all surrounded with the repugnant messages and images of modernity, encouraging our young women to forgo marriage in favor of careers and fleeting experiences whilst teaching our young men to fear and abhor long-term commitments as if they were a plague. The results of this disastrous, … Read More Dating For Traditionalists