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7 Reasons Babies Are Better Than Dogs (Duh)

At Helicopter Mom, we believe that Dog Moms and fur babies should be banned from public life. Here’s why. No. 1: Babies are born human. You don’t have to pretend. The only reason that people think dogs are cute is because of the things they do that register to us instinctually as being like the things that babies do. A dog’s whines and sighs … Read More 7 Reasons Babies Are Better Than Dogs (Duh)


The Hospital Bug-out Bag

What to actually pack in your Hospital Baby Bug-out Bag from a Mom with 3 kids all under 3, plus lots of other tips!

Keepin’ It Real

This week, Jessa Seewald (formerly Duggar) posted photos of her house on Instagram—complete with a mountain of laundry, pile of dirty diapers, sink full of dishes, and spit up on the bed sheets. Her caption ended with: “Not trying to pit a clean house against interaction with kids– sometimes both are possible, tho often they do seem in opposition to one another 😂. Just … Read More Keepin’ It Real

The Self Care Deception

Stay at home mothers are increasingly advised to develop habits of self care. In the most basic sense, self care includes things like taking a shower and remembering to eat. Of course, we moms—as well as all people—have to take care of ourselves. It would be ridiculous to claim that it’s all well and good for other women to take time to care for … Read More The Self Care Deception

Make Stay At Home Moms Great Again

I’ve known wives and mothers whose ages span from the Silent Generation to the younger Millennials. Having thought about the ways in which they handled the “stay at home mom question”, I’ve realized a few things. Bear with me.   The ladies I’ve met from the Silent Generation, the generation between the Greatest and the Boomers, were all stay at home moms. They worked … Read More Make Stay At Home Moms Great Again

The Baby Gulag: Six Ways Daycare Embodies the Principles of Communism

All the furniture is miniature, tiny chairs and fun size kitchens. The walls are plastered over in bright children’s art, and big print alphabets. Small backpacks are hung on mini hooks and toys are neatly labeled in assorted shelves. A comfy woman greats your child with an effervescent smile. What’s not to love? Daycare is a boogeyman amongst social conservatives. We here at Helicopter … Read More The Baby Gulag: Six Ways Daycare Embodies the Principles of Communism