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Of Turkeys and Timelessness

A handsome white Cape Cod thronged with mature oaks, lawn mottled with colorful mosses, the porch swept and inviting: this iconic American house fittingly hosts an iconic American tradition. The sleepy neighborhood recalls an older, better time in America, where children played outside—is there a better metric for the health of a nation? Every year, I brush past my aunt’s prancing red Pomeranians and … Read More Of Turkeys and Timelessness

Helicopter Mom Episode 65: Why Did The Mom Cross The Road? In this week’s episode of HM, Julia and Kelly finish answering the questions from the Q&A show and talk about Thanksgiving. Enjoy! Email us at RSS: Follow me on twitter: And visit our blog at Like the artwork we’re using for the show? Our picture was created for us by Lumen et Sal. Follow him on twitter:


Keeping the Hearth, Keeping the Faith

“Christmas-time” is widely complained about as the most stressful time of year by the average citizen of the Empire. Feminine women fret about “creating memories,” and hosting the “perfect holiday party.” We seek to make our homes welcoming to visitors, and to create scenes of beauty within that serve as a palliative and a rebuke to the brutality outside. Hostessing anxiety, if borne out … Read More Keeping the Hearth, Keeping the Faith

Six Tips for Avoiding Holiday Overwhelm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I do. My cycle goes something like this: 1. Feel anxiety about an event or circumstance. 2. Distract myself while the situation worsens with doomsday podcasts. 3. Allow situations to spiral towards collapse, a self-fulfilling prophesy. Now maybe you’re not crazy enough to run yourself out of gas on the side of the highway or stay up til three … Read More Six Tips for Avoiding Holiday Overwhelm