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Why I Just Believed in God

  I read the God Delusion when I was 18. By 20, I was knee deep in internet intellectual Stefan Molyneux’s objectivist Randian and thoroughly atheistic podcast series, Freedomain Radio. My faith in God was rapidly waning, as I watched the church I grew up in grow smaller and smaller, it’s vision for the world more and more trite. My irritation with my own … Read More Why I Just Believed in God


My Sin is Vanity

A long time ago, it was tradition for confessions to be made to your entire church congregation. This was back when your church was filled pretty much solely with your family and neighbors, and was within easy walking distance of your home. From what I understand, this changed as more and more people from outside of these close knit and familiar communities came into … Read More My Sin is Vanity

Strengthening the Family

As families go, so does society.  The traditional family has, and always will be, the backbone of any functional society.  A father and mother working together in harmony will produce functional, well-adapted children who can go on to help others around them.  Parents instill a sense of purpose and morality into their children.  They teach them hierarchy, work, and discipline.  This is why our … Read More Strengthening the Family