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Of Turkeys and Timelessness

A handsome white Cape Cod thronged with mature oaks, lawn mottled with colorful mosses, the porch swept and inviting: this iconic American house fittingly hosts an iconic American tradition. The sleepy neighborhood recalls an older, better time in America, where children played outside—is there a better metric for the health of a nation? Every year, I brush past my aunt’s prancing red Pomeranians and … Read More Of Turkeys and Timelessness

Imagine a World…

Imagine a world where you rarely hear your parents fight. Where your parents are married- to each other. Where you never worry about your parents divorcing, where most your friends’ parents are married. Imagine a world where you spend half your days outdoors. Where you wake up to a slow, lazy breakfast. Where you stay at home, mostly, doing your school work at leisure. … Read More Imagine a World…


I found an old poem I wrote as a teenager. It’s about the seasons of womanhood. : ) _ Dawn Rays smile, beams dance down, Morning, noon, then night pass away, Images flicker, this circle shines now A more yellow sky opens today– Life rises, falls, in a rhythmical whirl A pattern of arc, a spiral of light Among the gold streaks a lone … Read More Dawn