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Helicopter Mom Episode 70: Merry Christmas RSS: Direct Download  Email us at Follow me on twitter: And visit our blog at Like the artwork we’re using for the show? Our picture was created for us by Lumen et Sal. Follow him on twitter:


Of Turkeys and Timelessness

A handsome white Cape Cod thronged with mature oaks, lawn mottled with colorful mosses, the porch swept and inviting: this iconic American house fittingly hosts an iconic American tradition. The sleepy neighborhood recalls an older, better time in America, where children played outside—is there a better metric for the health of a nation? Every year, I brush past my aunt’s prancing red Pomeranians and … Read More Of Turkeys and Timelessness

Helicopter Mom Episode 65: Why Did The Mom Cross The Road? In this week’s episode of HM, Julia and Kelly finish answering the questions from the Q&A show and talk about Thanksgiving. Enjoy! Email us at RSS: Follow me on twitter: And visit our blog at Like the artwork we’re using for the show? Our picture was created for us by Lumen et Sal. Follow him on twitter:

Being a Goddess of Fun and Light (Dear Sisters Series)

“The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.” — GK Chesterton Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books of all time. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve read it thirteen times. And the plot goes like this: Elizabeth is the second daughter of a useless intellectual. She has no brothers, and therefore, can be “turned out of the house” whenever her dad dies, … Read More Being a Goddess of Fun and Light (Dear Sisters Series)

Why I Just Believed in God

  I read the God Delusion when I was 18. By 20, I was knee deep in internet intellectual Stefan Molyneux’s objectivist Randian and thoroughly atheistic podcast series, Freedomain Radio. My faith in God was rapidly waning, as I watched the church I grew up in grow smaller and smaller, it’s vision for the world more and more trite. My irritation with my own … Read More Why I Just Believed in God


Once Upon Our Times

    We often think of the times we are witnessing as spelling our doom. We think about the suffering our enemies are eager to inflict upon us, the passion of their malice, the pervasiveness of their evil schemes, and their worldly power. We tend to forget that worldly power is fleeting, that malice most effectively destroys the malicious, and that suffering can be … Read More Once Upon Our Times


7 Reasons Babies Are Better Than Dogs (Duh)

At Helicopter Mom, we believe that Dog Moms and fur babies should be banned from public life. Here’s why. No. 1: Babies are born human. You don’t have to pretend. The only reason that people think dogs are cute is because of the things they do that register to us instinctually as being like the things that babies do. A dog’s whines and sighs … Read More 7 Reasons Babies Are Better Than Dogs (Duh)

Cookin’ Up Traditions

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” We’ve all heard this phrase countless times. “Cook delicious food,” the older woman advises, “and you’ll catch yourself a husband.” She’s right! A home-cooked meal can warm a man’s heart, and refresh his spirit. While my marriage does not subsist on baked goods alone (sadly), a well-timed pastry can serve as a sign of … Read More Cookin’ Up Traditions


The Hospital Bug-out Bag

What to actually pack in your Hospital Baby Bug-out Bag from a Mom with 3 kids all under 3, plus lots of other tips!

Kombucha: A Step by Step Guide

What is kombucha? It’s essentially sweetened tea fermented and made fizzy by what’s called a SCOBY, which is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The SCOBY feeds off of the tea and sugar to create the kombucha. Just Google “kombucha health benefits” and you’ll find plenty of articles on why you should try this drink. It’s probiotic, contains antioxidants, and is an effective … Read More Kombucha: A Step by Step Guide

Planning a Garden

One of the best ways to ensure your family is eating healthy food is to grow it yourself. This is the perfect time of year to plan out your garden, and make sure everything is ready to go in the spring. Brew some coffee or tea, find a cozy spot in your home, and have a notebook and pen ready to make your plan. … Read More Planning a Garden

Don’t Compliment Your Husband’s Intuition

“You’re so beautiful.” “Such pretty hair.” “You are sweet with our children.” Obviously, these words are directed toward a woman, not a man. Men don’t want to be called slender-waisted, and women don’t want to hear they have a muscular chest. In a traditional marriage, men and women are praised for fulfilling their respective roles. In a feminist world, however, men are supposed to … Read More Don’t Compliment Your Husband’s Intuition