Being a Goddess of Fun and Light (Dear Sisters Series)

“The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.” — GK Chesterton

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books of all time. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve read it thirteen times. And the plot goes like this: Elizabeth is the second daughter of a useless intellectual. She has no brothers, and therefore, can be “turned out of the house” whenever her dad dies, as the estate will be passed to her male cousin, a procedure called entailment.

Her older sister is basically a spinster, unmarried at 23, her best friend is hitting the wall at 27. But does Elizabeth Bennett cry? Goodness, no. She is having FUN.

It’s not that she doesn’t understand the gravity of her situation. She’s very intelligent and she certainly does. She has the opportunity to save her whole family by marrying her cousin, who she feels is a poor match for her. She keeps waiting. And she never loses her sense of fun.

When a filthy rich visitor comes into town, he finds himself captivated, very much against his will, by the beautiful and intelligent Ms. Eliza. He refuses to dance with her publically, and she turns it into a delightful joke. She has no aspirations on this tall dark and rich stranger. She’s absolutely in the moment, enjoying her life, warts and all.

She ends up (in an incredibly unlikely plot twist) spending a period of time with this rich visitor, Mr. Darcy. And during this time he, and his friends continuously snub Elizabeth, and she continuously does nothing but feel secretly amused by their snobbery. She has no self-pity. She is the goddess of light and fun. She reads, she plays music, she nurses her sick sister — all with no designs on captivating the wealthy gentleman before her, all with no self-consciousness or embarrassment. She just IS. She isn’t out to prove something. She simply is in the moment, enjoying all the irony, riding out the frustrations, and drinking deeply of the milk of LIFE.

Naturally this captivates Darcy and he inevitably proposes to her. Who could resist? The fun, the “spirit”, the fine, twinkling eyes of this woman captivate him. He has access to a woman of higher birth, who is more accomplished, arguably, intelligent, and infinitely more elegant than the poor Ms. Elizabeth. This woman stands no chance with him, as she has a terribly sour disposition. Because of Elizabeth’s sense of FUN, she wins the heart of the gentleman, and takes her rightful place as his wife, at his side, in his massive estate, Pemberley.

Sound too good to be true? Nah! This is the essence of the law of attraction. Her sense of lighthearted fun, her centeredness, her feminine essence, her relish of LIFE, yield to her the fruit of richness and romantic love. A man reforms his life for her, proposes to her TWICE, and offers her a life of luxury and prestige as his natural and fitting partner in his life, all because she was capable of seeing the bright side of things.

She kept her mind on the good and the beautiful and the amusing when she might have sunk into a pit of despair. She’s intelligent. She’s capable of analyzing the problems in her family and in her world, as she proves over and over. But she shows up with a clean face and an unbroken heart. She looks life clear in the eye and, as our dear Proverbs 31 woman so famously does, “SMILES at the future!” How lovely! How attractive! How incredibly FUN!

In conclusion, when life, with all its horrid darkness, despair, and “facts” have you down, when all the odds seem to be against you, the system is failing, your father is a fool, the very best thing you could do is LOOK UP! Feeling your life, BEING, enjoying every moment is the absolutely most feminine and joyful state of existence! By choosing positivity when the negative stares us in the face, we choose LIFE. We choose LOVE. And we choose the path of grace.

Channel your inner goddess today and see if you don’t find the world suddenly bending to your vision.

Much love, dear sisters. 

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