Don’t Compliment Your Husband’s Intuition

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Such pretty hair.”

“You are sweet with our children.”

Obviously, these words are directed toward a woman, not a man. Men don’t want to be called slender-waisted, and women don’t want to hear they have a muscular chest. In a traditional marriage, men and women are praised for fulfilling their respective roles. In a feminist world, however, men are supposed to be pleased with compliments that should belong to the opposite gender. And feminism makes women rude.

Women constantly praise men for displaying feminine traits. A well-meaning acquaintance posted on Instagram for her anniversary. In the post, she complimented her husband’s “intuitive fathering,” “servant heart” and “tender compassion.” No mention of his strength, provision, or masculinity. She accepted the feminist idea that the best way to compliment your husband is to tell him that his servant heart and tenderness are his most laudable traits.

On the other hand, feminism tells women to be deeply offended at every compliment. The book Feminist Baby shows a newborn baby’s protest when her parents call her beautiful:

Apparently, manners don’t matter when a feminist’s self-proclaimed brilliance is at stake.

In an egalitarian mindset, comments on beauty insult intelligence, and praise for mothering disregards a woman’s career abilities. Women are encouraged to think of themselves so highly that any compliment is insufficient. Men ought to hear they are just like women (and ideally act like it, too). And above all, women always have a good reason to be offended.

This nonsense is convincing men to behave like women, and women to behave like spoiled children.

Just say “thank you” when someone says you’re pretty. Remember that basic manners go a long way. And please, whatever you do, don’t compliment your husband on his tender, intuitive parenting.

One Comment on “Don’t Compliment Your Husband’s Intuition

  1. I thought you meant in the title intuition like getting a good deal on car or furniture or smth.

    But yeah, tender parenting is not the comment I want to be known as. Strict, but just, is my goal.


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