The Future

There are other things I would rather do than write this.

I would rather be sitting on my front porch in a creaky rocking chair drinking a cup of hot chocolate and watching my kids play in the street.  I dream of a simple life.  I’m sure that you do too, but unfortunately that life is outside our reach.  There’s an ideal world that we all dream of.  A dream-world of family, a future for our children, peace, and spirituality (and maybe a few goats).

But we weren’t born in that world.  Modern society has crushed the traditional world, and we madly scramble to pick up the pieces.  We won’t be able to rebuild what once was.  However, we can take the glowing embers of the past to build a better tomorrow.  We don’t yet know what we will make for our children, but we know that it must be better than the world we have today.

Our quest for a better world functions on a duality: Destruction and Creation.  We cannot have one without the other.  If we merely destroy the modern world, its decadence and materialism, we will be left with nothing.  But if we only create, and do not fight, everything we build will be crushed by the modern leviathan as soon as our backs our turned.

We must destroy the poison in our souls.  Build our families and communities.  Grow a garden.  Read your scriptures.  Go to church.

Destroy the poison in society.  Turn off the TV.  Stop buying their filth.  Starve the Beast.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that I can pave a way for my children’s future.

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