Strengthening the Family

As families go, so does society.  The traditional family has, and always will be, the backbone of any functional society.  A father and mother working together in harmony will produce functional, well-adapted children who can go on to help others around them.  Parents instill a sense of purpose and morality into their children.  They teach them hierarchy, work, and discipline.  This is why our opponents try so hard to tear families apart.

A family built with a firm foundation won’t be easily broken.  I remember a lesson I learned about marriage as a child.  The teacher drew a triangle on the board and labeled each point “Husband,” “Wife,” and “God.”  The only way for a husband to get closer to his wife is to also draw closer to God.  We need to remember God in the equation if we truly want strong families.

Every family will face trials and whirlwinds that risk tearing them apart.  Too many families have already taken the easy road of divorce and separation.  Or they were never even married to being with.  While there is no solution that will work for every family (or individual seeking to start a family), here are a few basics that should be applied:

First, find a church.  Even if it isn’t the perfect church that you are looking for, go to it.  Even if you don’t think you need to attend church to be a good Christian, you should still go.  And go with your family.  It’s an action rather than just a statement.  Action shows more conviction than sitting on the couch each Sunday tweeting about #tradlife.  Consider it an outward expression of your inner commitment to God.  He has given us everything we have, setting aside a few hours for Him shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Once you’re at church, listen to the sermons and classes.  But do more than just listen, think about it.  Take the lessons and apply them to your life.  Be a doer, not just a listener.  It’s too easy to just talk the talk.  There are far too many “Christians” in the world who are more immoral than atheists.

And during the other days of the week, read your scriptures.  Even if it’s a few verses a day.  A little is better than nothing at all.  And don’t just read the verses by yourself, read as a family.  Just a small amount of time each day will work wonders for a family.  You will feel closer to each other and to our Heavenly Father.  And once again, apply what your read to your life.

For you singles out there: Scripture study is what brought my wife and me together.  We both wanted to get better at reading, so we agreed to call each other every night and read a few verses.  We had wonderful discussions and fell madly in love with each other.  A month after we started reading every night we were engaged.  We still read together every night.

Pray as a family.  The more the better.  Pray in the morning.  Pray over your meals.  Pray in the evening.  Open the pathways of communication with heaven.  Pray for your spouse and for your children.  Let them and God know how much you appreciate them.  Ask for His help in strengthening your family.  If you show God that your family is a priority, he will bless you for it.

I refer to these three basics as CPR (Church – Pray – Read).  Just as our mortal bodies need CPR in the event of spiritual emergency, we also have a spiritual CPR to apply to our souls.

As we draw closer to God we bring our families with us.  Our only hope for society and our nation is to return to God.  I hope these small and simple things will bring you and your family closer to our Savior.

-James Raynere

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