Why I Left the Conservative Movement

I grew up with standard Republican parents. They voted for every Republican presidential candidate, senator, and congressman in every election. Why? “Because the Republicans are the moral party.” And for most of my life I accepted that.


And then, as I grew older, I realized that almost every faction of the “Conservative Movement” stood for nothing. I watched as the argument for abortion went from “No abortions,” to “No late-term abortions,” to “Well, we just don’t want the government to pay for abortions.” They went from “Gay marriage is immoral,” to “Well, I just think traditional families are better…,” to “If you don’t accept gay marriage you’re a bigot!” And the list could go on.

Conservatism fails to conserve anything. It clings to the here and now. They stand on the top of the moral ladder and proudly declare “Here we take our stand!” until society falls into decay and they are knocked down a rung. And then, once again, they declare “Here we take our stand!” They merely try to maintain society on whatever level it is on. They are a passive handbrake trying to slow the degeneracy of society. Conservatives never fight, they just hold the line.

Any shred of traditional, spiritual thinking has been lost from the Conservative Movement. They only think materially. It’s not about morals anymore, but it’s about “free-markets” and taxes. It’s not that transgender people are mentally ill and morally wrong, but they just don’t want to pay for their surgeries via taxes. Or they just don’t want to be forced into using pronouns because of their “Rights.”

The Conservative Movement has fallen away from God and from spiritually. They fail to see anything besides money and Constitution. They just want material comforts and to seek after pleasure. They don’t care about responsibilities or the generations that came before or the effect they will have on their posterity. They are the liberals from ten years ago and nothing more.

That is why I no longer consider myself a Conservative. There are more important things than money. People need to go back to their roots and think about God, Family, and Tradition. Reject the material obsessed politics of today, revolt against the modern world, and seek after truth.



-James Raynere

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