A step by step guide to making delicious Breakfast (or anytime) Potatoes.

To start you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 3 Potatoes, I prefer using Russets, but feel free to try this recipe with Yukon Golds, Baby Reds or any other potato of choice
  • 1 large Onion, I recommend using a yellow or sweet variety
  • Olive Oil and Butter
  • Salt and Pepper

Kitchen items you’ll need:

  • A large sautée pan, or skillet
  • A sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Tablespoon
  • Tea kettle (helpful for boiling water, but not required)

Begin by cutting up the onion:   Cut both of the ends off, then cut the onion in half, remove all of the outer skin.  You want a small dice, so first cut the onion into strips (note picture), then turn the onion and cut again.

Once you have diced up the entire onion, it’s time to heat up your pan.

In a large sautée pan, with the burner turned to High/Medium-high heat, add several Tablespoons of both Olive Oil and Butter.  I use a combination of the two for flavor.  *pro-tip:  Olive Oil and Butter both have a low smoke point, which means they can burn quickly on a very high heat, it’s important to watch your pan, and if you see excessive smoke, reduce the heat before you burn the oil/butter.

When the butter starts to melt, slowly add the diced onion into the hot pan, careful not to splatter yourself with hot oil.  Stirring occasionally, the onions will begin to sweat turning translucent, the goal is to get the onion a light golden color, no black and no burnt, so if you see excessive smoke or burning, reduce your heat to a manageable setting.

While the onions are beginning to cook, wash and cut up the potatoes.  This is also a good time to fill up your tea kettle with water and get it to a boil.

You’re going to aim for the potatoes to be cut into a large dice.  Start by cutting thick strips of the potato, length ways.  Then cut those in half, again length ways, then into the large dice (note picture).  *pro-tip:  the starchy nature of potatoes tends to get them stuck to the knife while cutting, so be slow and careful and don’t cut your fingers off struggling with the round potato.

Begin adding the cut potato pieces to the hot pan of onions.  Stirring occasionally (but not too often!), you want the onions and potatoes to begin to lightly brown, which requires a small amount of patience.  Note in the pictures below, some of the onions are getting a light golden color and some of the edges of the potatoes are browning.  If the heat is set too high, it will skip the “browning” and go directly to burning.

Once all of the potatoes have been added to the pan, occasionally stirring together, until most of the potatoes have browned edges.


Once the potatoes have reached some golden/brown coloring, it’s time to add the boiling water.  The reason behind the boiling water, is to quickly achieve a soft centered cooked potato.  The large diced potatoes will mostly keep their shape, mostly.


You’re going to pour just enough water to cover the majority of the potatoes, you’ll likely want to also have the heat turned up to high, to help quickly cook-out and evaporate all of the water.  Still occasionally stirring, to keep the ‘taters cooking eveningly.  But watch closely, because once that water has completely evaporated out you’ll need to turn the heat back down to a medium/high heat.


This is a great time to add seasoning.  Potatoes like a decent amount of salt to help bring out their flavor, so add several small pinches of salt.  *pro-tip:  Remember, you can always add more salt – but you can never take away, so start sparingly.  I also like adding fresh cracked pepper or a seasoned pepper mix.  Stir it all together.


When the water completely cooks out and evaporates, and you slightly reduce the heat, you’ll notice the potatoes will continue to get more golden, and achieve more browning, this is good and what you want to see.  The best Breakfast Potatoes are soft on the inside and slightly crispy crunchy on the outside and deliciously but subtlely flavored from the onions, salt, and pepper.

Now it’s time to give those potatoes a try!  How do they taste?  Do they still require a little more salt?  Add some!  Once you’ve approved of the flavor and color, reduce the heat to low, still occasionally stirring, and continue with cooking the remainder of your breakfast items like scrambled eggs and bacon.  These potatoes only get better and more crispy by sitting on a back burner on low heat while you prepare the other breakfast items.  I lovingly refer to these as Breakfast (or anytime) Potatoes because they can also be served with dinner items, beside a steak and salad.


I hope you had a good time making this recipe and enjoy your delicious ‘taters precious!

🍽 xoxo NaCl Wife

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