Imagine a World…


Imagine a world where you rarely hear your parents fight. Where your parents are married- to each other. Where you never worry about your parents divorcing, where most your friends’ parents are married.

Imagine a world where you spend half your days outdoors. Where you wake up to a slow, lazy breakfast. Where you stay at home, mostly, doing your school work at leisure. Where your mom is your teacher and your siblings are your classmates. You have all day to grow and explore and learn, where you have time. Where you aren’t forced into assocation with troubled children, who may hate you for being white.

Imagine a world where your history isn’t denigrated and your ancestors spat upon, where you aren’t forced to side against them in mandatory testing. A world free of Ritalin, bullying, and school lockdowns.

Imagine a world without the constant chatter of the tv, without the constant presence of Hollywood, teaching you that a boy’s a girl and a girl’s a boy. Without the 5 o’ clock news patronizing those racist Republicans and ignorant evangelicals.

This world has a mom and a dad, a garden, and maybe, (if you’re lucky) a goat. Your daddy plants trees and your mom’s golden bread rises in the window sill. A world with wood to burn in winter and fruit to can in summer.

A world where up is down and down is up and everything’s obvious. A world with a church on Sunday, a world of high vaulted ceilings and stained window panes. A world with a future, a place, and a purpose.

To some of us, this is the stuff of dreams. But it’s nothing more than the childhood that many of your great grandparents lived.

For the traditionalist, this world is the one we build for our children. It is real. It is here. And it is our’s. Never stop fighting to reclaim this lost world of obvious things for ourselves and our children.

Imagine a world where they’re free.



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