Dating for a traditionalist is akin to looking for a needle in a very dirty haystack. We are all surrounded with the repugnant messages and images of modernity, encouraging our young women to forgo marriage in favor of careers and fleeting experiences whilst teaching our young men to fear and abhor long-term commitments as if they were a plague.

The results of this disastrous, anti-family campaign are easily observed within any online community of traditionalists and far right political participants. Young men and women are surrounded by the most unfortunate products of modernity, from hypersexual females to effeminate males with little to no prospects of meeting a new pool of likeminded individuals. In the most extreme situations, young men begin to develop a deep-seated distrust for women as a whole, while young women are left to squander away their childbearing years, potentially even race mixing. The importance of smart marriages and the establishment of wholesome families cannot be undervalued; we have no future if we do not begin to build strong familial foundations. The question is what do we do?

While a definitive solution to the current condition of moral decay continues to elude even the most ardent of problem-solvers, there are certain steps that we can take within our own communities to mitigate causalities to this unseemly dating scene. Firstly, we must return to courtship. The modern dating culture has left men and women alike under the impression that the purpose of dating is not to find a permanent partner and enter into marriage, but to have fun for a moment and dispose of each other when the things stop being entertaining; this is not conducive to strong, traditional family building. We must enter into each and every relationship with the mentality that the partners are potential spouses. We must be upfront about those expectations at the introduction in order to ensure that both parties are at least open to the possibility (let’s face it, the word ‘marriage’ causes many normies to run for the hills). Your partner must at the very least, be willing to discuss marriage. If the person is not, then further time needn’t be wasted.

Young men must not forget that it is their duty to present the most masculine version of themselves; the intent is to attract the highest quality woman as possible. This means taking care of yourself by maintaining health, weight, and personal hygiene. It also means approaching women respectfully and tactfully. Women will not want to date a man that fears making the first step or a man that treats her like another man.

Women must maintain their modesty and their chastity. Promiscuous behavior before marriage is not only unattractive to the traditional male, but it also reduces the chances of having a healthy marriage. The best thing that a woman can do is preserve herself for a man that she intends to marry. This means no twerking and no keg-stands at frat parties. Perhaps just as important as the preservation of modesty is the embodiment of femininity. This does not mean wearing booty shorts and sleeping around; this means conducting oneself with grace, speaking with deference and softness, behaving empathically, and emitting gentleness and sensitivity. These characteristics will signal to a man that you are worthy of their effort and their time, capable of marriage and raising quality children; the better you present yourself, the more eagerly good men will pursue you.

Finally, we must return to relying on family and older generations to participate in matchmaking. Our current society conditions us to recoil from the partnership suggestions and advice that come from our elders when in fact we should react oppositely. The quality members of older generations have not only the benefit of experience, but also the wisdom of participating in extended relationships. It is to be noted that many of our elders, particularly boomers of the ‘free love’ era are not from whom we should be seeking advice; it is not lost on anyone that many of us are blazing the trail of traditionalism within our families. We should be looking to those elders whom have been a beacon of traditionalism, even if that person is the old woman handing out programs at church every Sunday. We must seek out the wisdom and experience of our most traditional elders and attempt to rebuild old-fashioned community connections. Maybe Mrs. Walter the program lady has a homeschooled, Christian nephew about your age; you never know until you start building. These are the resources that we must tap into in order to locate promising matches.

Modernity and degeneracy have brought about brutal consequences to the health of our people and the potential of our future. Birthrates are down; both in and out of wedlock while divorce rates are up. Many of us are the first batch of aspiring traditionalists in several generations, therefore we have quite a hefty task before us: we must become for our children everything that our parents were not. We begin rebuilding our strong communities by openly pursing lasting matches, embodying our gender roles, and tapping into the wisdom of our traditional elders. Remember that Rome was not built in a day; our toils in the present serve to ensure that we are leaving a more wholesome world for our children.

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