This recipe was given to me by Tercio of the Beyond The Wall podcast:

“First I have to explain that Venezuelans don’t understand the arepa themselves. The greatness of the arepa is NOT the arepa itself, but the stuffing or filling. So, the arepa tortilla is as follows:

Two cups of white corn flower

Half a cup of oatmeal

You pour water on them until the dough is firm but soft, then you make balls and flatten them, but not too much. You should be able to slice it open with a knife and put stuff on it. They shouldn’t be as flat as crackers

You then cook them on a flat surface until they’re solid, but NOT crispy.

As for fillings: you can do cheese, ham, and/or bacon. A typical Venezuelan filling is called “Reina Pepiada”, which is pulled chicken with avocado and mayo. It looks like this: …

You take the chicken and you mesh it up with the avocado and mayo. Mayo can be optional but avocado is not.

The other famous one is Arepa with pulled beef: …

And there you have it.”

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