About Us

Helicopter Mom is a podcast started in January of 2017 by Julia and Rachel, who were later joined by Kelly. We are Christian. We are Traditionalist.

Faith, family, and community are our focus.

The first of these is essential. Without God we can do nothing good. With faith in Him all things are possible.

Family is the very foundation of a healthy society. The breakdown of normal and healthy families has been disastrous. We believe in and advocate for a Christian view on marriage, biblical/natural hierarchy in the home, and we discuss a range of other topics in our push to build this vital foundation anew.

We push our listeners to invest time, energy, and love in their communities. We desire a future where our grandchildren can grow up in strong, tight knit communities where they can trust and love their neighbors. Over the past half century, we’ve grown more and more atomized; no longer building relationships with the people next door, no longer attending church or community events, moving across the country and away from family for “better jobs”… This is not normal. This is not healthy.

Finally, we advocate for self improvement. It all starts with being the best we can be. This covers a wide spectrum of topics, including emphasis on learning skills that can help you and those around you.

Our message to you: Go to church, start a family, and build community.

…Oh! And listen to Helicopter Mom.